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Design your strategy

5 day - Online / Onsite Workshop
Unite rigor and creativity to create a successful strategy
Choosing what to do—and what not to do—is the definition of strategy. In this course, you’ll learn a process that will help you create and take action on a strategy for your business, team, or organization. You’ll follow repeatable steps that are both human-centered and business-focused. By combining rigor and creativity, you can both analyze the world as it is and imagine how it could be better.
  • Identify a strategic problem that your organization faces, frame it as a question, and brainstorm possibilities to solve it.
  • Surface and pick the conditions that would need to be true to make the possibility a winning strategy.
  • Build and conduct different types of tests to help you choose among your possibilities.
  • Set your team up to be able to take action on the strategic choices you make.

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Meet your mentors

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Sophie Legard

Creative Director


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Carla López

Chief Innovation Officer


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