We are looking for early stage innovation that present new circular approaches with the goal to reinvent the fashion, retail and food industries.

The challenge is initiated to accelerate the shift from a linear to a circular fashion, retail and food industries, to protect the planet and our living conditions. This means changing the way garments, food and consumer goods are currently designed and produced, shipped, bought, used and recycled by adding disruptive technology, processes, or new business models.


Anyone (almost) can apply for World Changers. Ten winners will be selected by our international expert panel, with extensive knowledge within sustainability, circularity and innovation. The winners share a 400 thousand dollars grant and get access to our three month Learning, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Accelerator Program. Neither Rewired nor our strategic partners will take any equity or intellectual property rights in the innovations.


Apply at rewiredschool.com

March 29- April 30 


Applications are screened and five winners selected.

May 1 -15


The winners are revealed.

May 16


The ten winners embark on a four month Program

Jun 1 - Sep 30