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3 days

Change by design

A holistic approach to problem solving starts with people

People are at the heart of every complex human system--but they’re often the most overlooked. Effective problem solvers today know how to visualize the larger dynamics of the system while staying grounded in the needs of people. In this Mindcamp you’ll learn to combine the analytical tools of systems thinking with the creative mindsets of human-centered design to make sense of complex systems challenges.

Explore mapping tools to identify the right places to focus, surface insights about your stakeholders, and pick the most impactful solutions to experiment with so you can go beyond the obvious and design lasting solutions.

Define your challenge

Gain techniques for mapping complex systems and identifying the root causes of a problem.

 Visualize the system

Establish a shared view of the system and reframe problems from different perspectives to uncover new solutions.

Humanize the system

Find the right problems to solve and pick the best solutions to experiment with.

Redesign the system

Deepen your understanding of your organizational systems by taking an iterative approach to solutions. 

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