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3 days

Focused and indistractable

Does it ever feel like ‘overwhelmed’ is your default state?

Maybe you constantly feel pulled in a thousand different directions. Maybe your to-do list is growing by the day. And maybe your own habits - like getting easily distracted, procrastinating, or spending too much time on your smartphone - are holding you back from your most crucial tasks.

If any of this sounds familiar, remember it’s not just you: the entire planet is dealing with a colossal amount of information and disruptions screaming for attention. (A recent post-COVID study even found 83% of people now feel overwhelmed daily - a staggering figure.)

So what is the key to surviving - and thriving - in a world that barely even gives you space to breathe? Discover the answers in the Focused and Indistractable Mindcamp: By harnessing the power of leading-edge neuroscience and psychology, we will guide you to take back the reins of your inner programming - and in the process, regain your capacity for your best work, performance, and productivity.

Master your internal triggers

You’ll uncover the psychological patterns implanted in you that leave you vulnerable to distractions and information overload - and discover how to override them with new programming that puts you back in the driver’s seat.

Make time for traction

Traction means scheduling time for what really matters to you - and sticking to it. Gain tools and techniques for consistently choosing traction over distraction, and consciously aligning your life with the tasks, people, and pursuits that matter most.

Hack back external trigger

The endless pings and rings of your devices can throw you seriously off balance. Discover how to become invincible to external distractions, while still being present and engaging with the external world on your terms.

Prevent distraction with pacts

Pacts are sacred - and the simple act of making a pact with yourself to achieve specific focus goals can make a tremendous difference in your success. Find out how to make the right pacts and precommitments, and follow through with them.

Why not you?