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3 days

Build an empire

Breakthrough business don’t need fancy MBAs. Or fat bank accounts.

Deep inside you, there’s an idea worth at least $100 million. An idea with the power to fuel a brand and business beyond your wildest dreams. An idea that can transform your life. And even the world. This idea can become your reality, much faster than you might think. Even if you’re stuck and overwhelmed. Or just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey. 

We guide you through her secret formula for building idea-driven breakthrough businesses: quickly, consistently, and free from the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship. So you too can go from zero - or wherever you’re now at - to $100 million and beyond.

Fills you with boundless creative ideas that elevate you far beyond the limiting rules and beliefs about business.. And empowers you to take decisive action in all the right directions. You don’t have to wait until you’re ready. Or even until you’ve gathered the skills, time, or resources. You already have everything it takes to build your $100 million brand. And the right time to do it is now.

Turn your idea into a prototype

Grasp the power of emerging technologies and their implications on your business, community and the planet

A $100 million brand

You don’t need an expensive advertising agency to build a brand people worship. Instead, use our ingenious strategies to design a magnetic identity for your business.

A market domination plan

It’s time to build a marketing plan worthy of your product and brand. From winning strategies, to beautifully optimized funnels, to the most profitable platforms, and more.

Raise millions in funding

Your brand’s growth never needs to be tied to what’s left in your bank account. Discover how to attract the right investors to help you expand, explore, and diversify towards your fullest potential.

Why not you?