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3 days

Designing a business

Build and test new business ideas

Learn how to make a business desirable for customers, financially viable for stakeholders, and feasible to build and deliver to the world. Instead of writing a static business plan, we design rapid prototypes to test and iterate business concepts. In this course, you’ll combine traditional business strategy with the methods and mindsets of design thinking and prototype three parts of a business—value proposition and offer, revenue model, and sales channel.

Whether you’re working on new initiatives and ventures inside an existing business or organization, or you’re an entrepreneur ready to bring a startup to life, this course will help you de-risk your business ideas and craft a sustainable business model that is rooted in the people you wish to serve.


Create Value

Identify different forms of your value proposition that are insightful, unique, and targeted, and come up with an idea for a product.

Capture value

Learn how your business's revenue model and price can be designed to provide even more value for your customers.

Deliver value

Expand your thinking about the ways you can use channel to improve how your business delivers value.

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