Launch your moonshot

3 days

To the individual who aspires to greater things

Are you playing a game that’s too small for your aspirations? Do you sometimes feel stuck or frustrated in your career? And do you perhaps lack the resources, confidence, or clarity to heed the calling of your greatest potential?

Wherever you’re at in your journey as an entrepreneur, professional, or innovator, you have an astounding power: The power to bend reality, and solve problems far bigger than yourself.

This is our message to you. We believe it doesn’t matter what stage your career is at, or even if you simply want to make a difference but don’t know where to start. Because the one thing that separates true changemakers from those who only daydream about it - is the desire to reach for the stars through sheer grit and clear vision.

Whether you’re looking to skyrocket your career or business, refine and execute a big project, disrupt your entire industry, or even shift the course of humanity itself - we will help you design and achieve your very own ‘Moonshot’: an idea so big, it will empower you to make an impact beyond your wildest dreams. Welcome to The Power or purpose.

Unleash a visoonary mindset

You’ll take a fascinating deep dive into your own inner programming, biases, and limiting beliefs - before erasing and replacing these disempowering patterns with new ones that set you free to embody a bigger perspective and trigger positive disruptions all around you.

It’s crazy to not have a crazy idea

You’ll explore what it takes to develop a mindset that’s naturally  oriented towards positive disruption. What we show you here might seem counterintuitive to commonly held ideas about  moderation - but as you’ll see, these ‘secret ingredients’ are what separate the idle dreamers from the doers.

Launch a moonshot idea

You’ll harness your new visionary mindset to launch your Moonshot Idea: an extraordinary plan, initiative, or project that embodies your fullest potential and aspirations - and that has the power to transform your career, industry, and even the world around you.

Why not you?